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Imran Sir

About Imran sir

Imran sir is perusing as senior faculty for Business Studies and Economics in Sanmati Vidya Mandir, Chhatarpur (MP). He is,PGDCA + MCA post graduate from SAMCET ,Bhopal(MP).Imran sir have more than 10 years of teaching experience. 

Imran sir success point 

He established a pioneer institute named as Imran sir success point in 2014. His institute is a fast growing coaching providing quality education in the commerce related sector.The course module of institute is based on the latest syllabus taught at school as well as university well.

Learning Made simple

He is fully versed in teaching via practical as well as theoretical way. Imran sir success point believe in learning and enhancing the new approach meeting the requirements globally.


Overall development of students
Education is the prime department & approaching this with seriousness
100 % Result assurance
To prepare students not just for examinations rather to put best efforts in him for a highly successful life ahead
To establish as education solutions provider
To believe in quality and not simply the quantity which matters to the rest

Why to Choose Imran sir success point


Daily Practice Sheets are provided on a daily basis for concept building

Test are conducted on a regular basis, I don’t just teach, I associate with my students like an extended family.


Comprehensive study material is provided to all the students

I deal with their subject problems.


Weekly performance report about the child given to parent’s via e-mails, text messages and calling

I do counseling too for de-stressing the students and to handle their queries


Meticulous teaching with sincerity

I value your money.

Our Contacts


Mastan shah colony, rani talliya, Chhatarpur(MP)




Words of My Students

A good teacher is like a candle it consumes itself to light the way for others .he(sir) is like that and sir is plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever👍🏻👍🏻 I am blessed to have you my teacher😄😄

Sir firstly i really thank you from bottom of heart🙏 changed our whole aspect of learning.. if you are not teach me than may be it is not possible for me to give exam properly... you always appreciate and encourage us in every stage not only about study but you teach us lessons of life☺☺ told us about your regrets , your successes and for some reason it all resonated with us and we started to realize that everything really is possible to achieve in life...☺☺
Thank you so much sir for being my teacher🙏🙏

 -Ishika Shrivastava

Imagine having a perfect teacher, brother and mentor in same person, that's Imran Sir for you.. The person who showed me path to becoming an app developer from an user.. His teaching methodology and logic building abilities are inimitable.. Great command in concepts.

- Shubham Saxena
(B.Tech CSE - 9.1 CGPA , Working in Kony from 4th year of college itself as Associate Software Engineer)

To the world you are just a teacher , but for me you are star and my best guidance☺ only not teach subjects to us but how to make things , problems easy...You always try too take best in us😊😊
   Thank you so much🙏☺

 -Kratika Tiwari

I am very lucky to have a teacher like you. You are always there to clear our doubts as many times as it takes to it getting rooted in our mind. You have been like a mentor who is always shown us the way how to approach for a problem, textbook or real life. Thank you so much for guiding us all the way.☺☺

-Gauri Agrawal

The way he teaches us is so different from others.He teaches us in the best and simplest way with motivational lectures, guides us for career planning.He is so supportive.

- Vivarna khare

We use to call you Khan sir🙏🏻a person with whom students feel save to express their feelings and learn to respect and listen to are patientfull..caring..kind person 😇heave dedication to teaching and engaging students in learning😇
You only the one who made eco & easiest subject forever I learned
Thank you so much for being a great teacher😇🙏🏻
speechless 😇

- Suhasini Singh Parihar

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